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The QIWI Group of Companies and INFOSEC (Informzaschita) will conduct one of the most significant CTF-contests in the Jeopardy format.

We invite information security experts to join the event at 10:00 AM, Moscow time, November 17. Top three prizes will be RUB 150K, RUB 75K and RUB 25K respectively. Sign up for CTF.

Maximal points will need to be accumulated to win the contest by cracking tasks from Reverse / PWN / Web / Crypto / Misc categories. Tasks can be solved randomly, with the value depending on the complexity. Priority will depend on speed. Remote access to the game is possible; however, some tasks will have to be solved offline, and participants will therefore have to be present within the QIWI zone at the ZeroNights site.

The following actions are allowed during the contest:
• Solve tasks provided by the organizers;
• Use tools not violating the Russian law to search for vulnerabilities in game servers.

The following actions are forbidden during the contest:
• Attack computers of other participants;
• Attack the organizers’ infrastructure;
• Perform DDOS-attacks on the game infrastructure;
• Attack game servers and panel system;
• Prevent other teams from winning a flag.

Bi.ZONE invites you over to CTF contest!

BI.ZONE invites  you  over  to CTF contest!
BI.ZONE invites you to  participate  in  a CTF contest  with a good  prize  fund, that  will  take  place  during ZeroNights  conference.
CTF  will involve  Jeopardy-based  individual participation.
We  will start  at  00:01 on  17.11.2016  with  the  simplest tasks to  warm up,  and  continue  through the ZN  in  the Jupiter hall.
Cash prizes  for top-5 participants  include:
    Top-1:  150,000 rubles
    Top-2:  75,000 rubles
    Top-3: 25,000  rubles
    Top-4: 15,000 rubles
    Top-5:  10,000 rubles
Other  prizes:
Apart  from  cash prizes, our  participants  will  compete  for other  prizes granted for  individual  achievements during  the  contest.
Moreover,  prizes  will be  given  to the  first  10  onsite participants earning  the  most points.
    - Register;
    -  Tasks will  be available at the link;
    - Those who earn more points wins the CTF;
    - In case of equal points, the winner will be the one who earned them first.
For more details please visit website.
It is forbidden:
    - Attack the organizer's infrastructure;
    - Generate large amounts of traffic (DDoS);
    - Attack computers of the jury or other participants;
    - Share flags with other participants.
The organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants for violating the rules.
A separate hall will be given for the CTF participants, in which they will be able to:
    - Get wired connection to the Internet;
    - Feel comfortable;
    - Dive into the Space Quest atmosphere.
Look forward to seeing you at the Jupiter hall at the 2016 ZeroNights Conference!
Well, those who can read between lines will get their prizes too (;

A contest from Mail.Ru Group

Mail.RuGroup will invite ZeroNights participants to try their hand in hacking the Internet of Things. The task has been developed with the direct involvement of our DIY community. You will learn all the details right at the stand (so that you have no chance to prepare in advance and make it a boring event). Two winners will take away IoT equipment sets. Go for it! You can also participate in an Internet security quiz to compete for gyroscooters.