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Dsec Organiser Founded in 2003, Digital Security is one of the leading IT security companies in Russia, providing a wide range of vulnerability assessment services: security audit, penetration testing, PCI DSS/PA-DSS/STO BR IBBS certification, vulnerability audit of remote banking (RB) / SCADA/ ERP systems/ business applications/web applications/ virtualization platforms.
The company’s expertise is based on the research activity by Digital Security Research Group, that gained worldwide recognition and got numerous official acknowledgments from such global IT leaders as Oracle, SAP, Apache, SUN, IBM, Alcatel, etc.
Defcon Organiser Defcon Group #7812 is an independent and open community with common interests in IT and security. The Community is committed to create a comfortable space to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as to improve practical skills of information security experts. Defcon Group #7812 brings together security technical specialists from Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow and other cities) and CIS countries. Security professionals give presentations and workshops on applied security in monthly meetings of Defcon Group #7812.
Yandex Participating Yandex is a leading Russian Internet company that owns the most popular Russian search engine and the Internet portal. 12.3 million loyal users visit the Company’s platforms at least once daily from all types of devices. The Company’s goal is to answer users’ questions.
IBM Strategic Partner IBM has been running business in Russia and the CIS countries for over 40 years. IBM is the leading supplier of state-of-the-art solutions and services for different industries, including state sector, telecommunications, healthcare, finances and insurance, retail, oil and gas. IBM currently has representative offices in a number of large cities in Russia, as well as offices in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, where IBM offers a wide range of programs and resources for supporting its clients and business partners.
Kaspersky Partner Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately-owned cybersecurity company, and one of the fastest-growing vendors of cybersecurity solutions. Kaspersky Lab operates in 200 countries and territories, and has 37 offices in 32 countries. Almost 3,300 skilled professionals work at Kaspersky Lab. Over 400 million individuals and 270 thousand businesses use the Company’s solutions, according to the Lab’s estimation.
QiWi Partner QIWI is a leading provider of next generation payment services in Russia and CIS countries. It runs an integrated network that enables payment services across physical, online and mobile channels. It includes over 15.8M virtual wallets, over 171K kiosks and terminals, and enables merchants to accept over RUR 50B (~ $750M) of cash and electronic payments monthly from over 70M consumers using its network at least once a month.
Bizone Partner BI.ZONE is the visionary of the Russian cybersecurity market rendering protection services of the Internet assets and business reputation based on cyber-exploration and constant monitoring of information flows across public and shadow segments of the cyberspace. BI.ZONE combines a unique expertise with advanced information security technologies for efficient protection of the most valuable business assets and state companies.
mailru Partner Mail.Ru Group is one of the largest Internet companies in Europe. Under the communitainment strategy, the Company develops a single integrated platform for online communication and entertainment services. The Company’s business comprises the flagship email service (, one of the largest portals in the Russian-speaking countries (, the largest Russian-language social media platforms (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir), two popular in Russia and the CIS instant messenger services (Agent Mail.Ru and ICQ), and the largest portfolio of online games (Warface, Armored Warfare, Skyforge, and Perfect World).
AFK Partner Established in 1993, Sistema is now a large private investor company operating in Russi’a real sector. Sistema’s investment portfolio comprises stakes in predominantly Russian companies from various economic sectors, including telecommunications, utilities, retail, high tech, forestry and wood processing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, railway transportation, agriculture, finance, mass media, tourism, etc. AFK Sistema is a controlling shareholder in most of its portfolio companies. Sistema’s competencies are centered around the improvement of operational efficiency of acquired assets through restructuring and attracting industry partners aimed to enhance the expertise and reduce financial risks.
Informzaschita Partner INFOSEC is a leading Russian information security system integrator. The company focuses on providing the information security services of the modern automated systems of any complexity. The company offers consulting, audition and security systems analysis, implements, delivers and supports specialized technical solutions. System integrator is a part of “Informzaschita” companies group that has taken the leading positions on the Russian IS market since 1995.
Qualys Partner Qualys Inc. (NASDAQ: QLYS) is a pioneer and leading provider of security and compliance cloud solutions. Qualys is used by more than 8,800 customers in over 106 countries, including most companies from the lists Forbes 50 and Forbes 100. QualysGuard Cloud Platform enables corporate customers to automate the management of vulnerabilities and policy compliance throughout the entire organization, detect botnets and connections between them, prioritize assets, assess the scope of potential threats and monitor the installation of fixes according to the business risks.
wallarm Partner Wallarm develops security products for modern web applications and API, which help companies incorporate security methods in some parts of the development process. A unique technology for detecting the structure of protected applications based on their traffic allows for automatic customization of filtration rules and making more accurate checks with a vulnerability scanner. This is especially valued by technological companies of sophisticated infrastructures and frequent code changes, such as Yandex, QIWI, Ulmart, and Acronis.
AM Partner Advanced Monitoring is well-known in the IS world for researching security of information systems and software, monitoring and preventing attacks, and investigating incidents. The company also authors rules for Snort IDS.
Qrator Partner Qrator Labs is the new leader in DDoS attack mitigation since 2009. Qrator, their innovative network filtering solution, helps mid-market and enterprise organizations to proactively, reliably and affordably protect their websites from the most harmful, sophisticated DDoS attacks.
Synack Partner Synack is a security startup that has created a unique Crowd Security IntelligenceT platform that delivers continuous and scalable security testing for the enterprise. Synack offers the enterprise controlled access to a private group of security researchers to perform ongoing security testing at scale. To do this, Synack pairs vetted security researchers – the Synack Red Team (SRT) – with proprietary technology to create a powerful and proactive security solution that delivers vulnerability intelligence and exploitation discovery. The Synack subscription model ensures continuous coverage and fits nicely with enterprise procurement.
Xaker Title Media Partner The Hacker magazine is the most popular computer magazine in Russia. Made for people who are deeply interested in information security and IT in common, programming and building information systems. Every month: fresh software security flaws, best viruses and trojans, real life stories of computer attacks from a hacker’s perspective, computer tips&tricks.
Anti-malware Gold Media Partner Anti-Malware Test Lab is an independent international organization. Our activities include testing information security software and sharing the results of our analyses with users and professionals. We are not controlled by or affiliated with any software vendors.
BIS_journal Strategic Media Partner BIS Journal – is the first and only specialized periodical in Russia on cybersecurity of banks, financial organizations and payment service providers. The journal is published under the support of the industry’s state regulators (the Central Bank of Russia, the Federal Security Service of Russia, the FSTEC of Russia, Roskomnadzor) and in partnership with business communities (the Association of Russian Banks, the Multi-Region Non-Commercial Organization “Information Security Association”, the Non-Commercial Partnership “National Payments Council” and the Non-Commercial Partnership “ABISS”). The publisher is AVANGARD CENTER.
r0Crew Media Partner r0 Crew is a community of low-level information security researchers (reverse engineering, researching viruses and exploits).
The main goal of the community is to create a supportive environment for gatherings, communication, and exchange of experience.
OWASP Media Partner Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) — an open project on WebApps security. The OWASP community includes corporations, educational institutions and individuals worldwide. The Community writes papers, workbooks and documents, creates tools and technologies that are distributed for free. The OWASP Community is aimed at improving apps security, considering both the human factor and the level of technology. During ZN Conference, OWASP members will have their say on what they’re doing and share best practices in Application Security.
RuCtfE Media Partner RuCTFE is an annual online international challenge in the information security. It has been held 6 times already. The contest is driven by classic rules. Each team is given a set of vulnerable services. Organizers regulary fill services with private information — the flags. The goal of each team is to find vulnerabilities, fix them in their services and exploit them in order to get flags from other teams.
noisebit Media Partner Noise Security Bit is an irregular podcast for information security researchers. We do not discuss news because it is our guests who creates them. The purpose of the project is to discuss hot infosecurity topics with famous Russian-speaking experts from all over the world. The team of NoiSeBit is against censorship in any manifestations, and their podcasts do not suffer any moderation.
bis-tv Media Partner BIS TV is a news channel that has been broadcasting topical cybersecurity issues and events since 2013. It covers news, reports, reviews, talk shows and discussions with the industry’s most prominent experts. The channel specifically targets cybersecurity experts, such as heads and specialists of cybersecurity departments at financial organizations and payment service providers.
VolgaCTF Media Partner VolgaCTF is one of the largest international CTF competitions, the elimination round of which gathers together 700 teams from all over the world. The final stage is held every autumn in Samara, Russia, and brings together most prominent information security experts, who report on most pressing technical issues related to information security. The events are held under the auspices of the Government of the Samara region and the Institute of Informatics, Mathematic, and Electronics at the Samara National Research University named after Sergei Korolev.
ItManager Media Partner IT Manager is the go-to magazine for the leaders of IT companies in Russia. In this journal, IT managers share their experience of resolving technical and management tasks. Not only does this business title solve technical issues, but it also highlights the lifestyle and interests of CIOs.
ItNews Media Partner IT News newspaper is a multimedia business title focused on IT. The most important economic, financial, corporate, and political events related to the IT field activities. The paper version of IT News invites the reader back into the familiar paper structure, which is divided into special areas by topic. The most attention is paid to the events which can influence the business of companies.
RISSPA Media Partner The Russian Information Systems Security Professional Association (RISSPA) was founded in June 2006 under the auspices of the (ISC)2 Group of Companies. Key objectives of the RISSPA include the formation of a community of IS experts, sharing experience, boosting expert knowledge, and promoting IS ideas. The Cloud Security Alliance Russian Chapter was founded as part of the RISSP, which is an official accredited representative of the Cloud Security Alliance in Russia.
seclab Media Partner SecurityLab is one of the most well-known information security resources in Russia. News and information about various events connected to information security from all over the world, security bulletins of IT vendors, original and translated analytical articles are published on the portal. The most important part of the portal is the latest information about published vulnerabilities and recommendations on their elimination in the Russian language. Thousands of information security experts from Russia, CIS and foreign countries visit the forum of the portal every day. Securitylab ensures information support being a media partner of the main industry events.
SchoolCTF Media Partner School CTF is an annual international computer security competition conducted in the task-based format by the SiBears team for school pupils since 2010. Although the competition is for school students, everyone can join it if wished: there are two separated rankings for school and non-school teams. Yearly more than 500 teams from all over the world (over 50 countries) take part in School CTF. Every year the organizing team provides the participants with a range of the exciting tasks, 8 hours game and, for sure, outstanding memories!
DEF-CON-Kazakhstan Media Partner DEF CON Kazakhstan is a young community of experts interested in hacking and information security. DEF CON Kazakhstan group was founded in 2016. It is the first and currently the only DEF CON group in Central Asia. The main objective is development and enhancement of information security sector in Kazakhstan, cooperation and exchange of experience with experts from other countries. Despite that the group exists less than a year, it brought together a great number of supporters and organized 2 large meetings in Astana (250p) and Almaty (600p).