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Participants’ Feedback

Ayoub Elaassal, Wavestone (speaker)

It was a great pleasure to meet your all and attend Zeronights conference. Great organization, awesome talks ! you very much blowed my mind !
See you next year hopefully !
Ps : if you have info about the badges (how they work, some guide to follow ) i’d much appreciate it 😀
Moroz Max, Google (speaker)

Thank you very much! Huge thanks to everyone who participated in preparations and organization of that. It was REALLY AWESOME this year!
Patrick Wardle, Synack (speaker)

Just wanted to say mahalo again for accepting my talk, and for organizing a great conference!
I had an awesome time presenting and visiting Russia for the first time.
Already looking forward to ZeroNights 2017 🙂

A simple email to give you my feedback about ZeroNights. I was a co-organizator of NoSuchCon in Paris and I think we should share tricks/tips between organisators.
First, Awesome 🙂 Really good content (technical and practical security), good job to the program committee ! Hope you will continue in this direction.
Regarding the organisation , very well also maybe it will be easier for foreigner to subtitle the indication panels, programs and other indication every where in the event. In France, people are lazy to speak english but at NSC, we decided to switch everything in english to force them to speak in english and facilitate the life for the foreigner attendees.
For the translation, the guys were good. For some talks this was difficult (really technical content so not easy to translate stack, EIP, RE skills…) but the slides was in english which helps a lot to follow. But I can just encourage you to provide more english talks to be more attractive for foreigner which can be afraid of the translation.
For the people, it better than I expected. Russian guys are really open to share their knowledge and discuss (If they speak english of course, if not they are shy to try to speak 🙂 ). Maybe a Social Event with all the attendee will be nice and will increase interaction between attendee.
I was lucky to attend also parties (Thursday and Friday evening) and I preferred Thursday, for the atmosphere ,location and the music. As I said maybe you can consider a bigger social event with more attendee. At NoSuchCon, we also sell tickets for the social event as an extra because people request it.
So count on me to spray in Europe, the fact that the people should attend ZeroNight next year and I will do my best to be there.
One more time THANKS and long life to ZeroNights !
Thomas Debize, Wavestone (speaker)

Thank you for your warm welcome and the overall organization. Everything
went smooth.
As foreign speakers we were really honored to be able to take part in that
event, and discover Russia for the first time by the way 🙂
Be sure that we will happily apply next year to the CFP (if we have some
interesting research results :)).
Again, спасибо for everything !
Enrique Nissim (Speaker)

Thanks to all the crew of #ZeroNights; I had a wonderful time, met with old friends and made new ones 🙂
Alex Matrosov (Speaker)

Thank you #ZeroNights! It was great as always. Not a lot of conferences try to keep hacking soul and move forward state of the art.
Nikita Abdullin (Speaker)

#ZeroNights closing. Thanks to all organizers, speakers and participants for the awesome event! See you next year.

I am really happy to find #ZeroNights keeps the spirit of real hackers.
I really enjoyed ZeroNights2016 so much. #ZeroNights is one of the best security conferences.