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Dear friends, it is high time to summarize the results of the 6th ZeroNights Conference conducted on November 17-18, 2016. Over 1,500 people participated in the event. The audience comprised technical specialists, administrators, heads and employees of informational security departments, pentesters, software engineers, representatives of information security communities, journalists, and all those interested in the industry’s applied aspects.

Key topics of 2016 ZeroNights included: web security; security of Windows, MacOS, iOS; hardware vulnerabilities; backdoors in hardware from the global vendors; search for vulnerabilities; attacks on neuron networks; reverse engineering; attacks in the world of transactions; hacking top-class and inexpensive smartphones; security of process automation systems; and new hacker techniques.
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An excellent news for this Monday: Synack company has joined the pool of our partners, a security startup that has created a unique Crowd Security Intelligence platform that delivers continuous and scalable security testing for enterprises. The interest from the American company known for its unique solutions and innovative approach to information security technologies is the best testimony of how topical the themes are that we discuss at ZeroNights.

Synack is a security startup that has created a unique Crowd Security IntelligenceT platform that delivers continuous and scalable security testing for the enterprise. Synack offers the enterprise controlled access to a private group of security researchers to perform ongoing security testing at scale. To do this, Synack pairs vetted security researchers – the Synack Red Team (SRT) – with proprietary technology to create a powerful and proactive security solution that delivers vulnerability intelligence and exploitation discovery. The Synack subscription model ensures continuous coverage and fits nicely with enterprise procurement

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This year, Kaspersky Lab extends the range of its participation in the sixth ZeroNights information security conference. First of all, KL will present their main stand where the conference participants will be able to closer meet with the company and its operations related to preventing cyberthreats.

Secondly, the company presents an Alcobot, a robotized bartender made of industrial equipment. Anyone aged 18+ can search for vulnerabilities in the logics of the technological process or controller and create their own unique cocktail.

Moreover, KL will conduct The Hacker’s Game, a Jeopardy-based quiz. It will be conducted in 4 stages: three try-out games during the first day and the final game during the second. Teams of 1-3 members are welcome to take part in the game. 5 teams will participate in one game. The winner will get HackRF and a set of other valuable prizes and gifts.

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The ZeroNights committee has completed the conference contest program. This year, out guests will have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves and get valuable prizes from our partners.


Firstly, there will be two smashing CTF (Capture The Flag) cyber battles at 2016 ZeroNights: Qiwi-Infosec CTF-2016 and BI.ZONE CTF. The tasks have been prepared be renowned information security teams.
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Mail.RuGroup will invite ZeroNights participants to try their hand in hacking the Internet of Things. The task has been developed with the direct involvement of our DIY community. You will learn all the details right at the stand (so that you have no chance to prepare in advance and make it a boring event). Two winners will take away IoT equipment sets. Go for it! You can also participate in an Internet security quiz to compete for gyroscooters.

Just a reminder: Alexander Leonov, an information security analyst at Mail.RuGroup, will give a speech on Enterprise Vulnerability Management in the DefensiveTrack section together with Ekaterina Pukhareva, a specialist at informational security department. See you at the conference!

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It’s high time to summarize the results of our HackQuest completed on November 7. We challenged our participants to crack tasks related to various practical security issues (reverse / binarypwn / webhacking / etc) and get rewarded. Winners will get invites and the ever-lasting place in the HallOfFame along with nice bonuses (already at the Conference).

This year’s HackQuest was quite unusual. Four tasks out of seven were prepared by the communities: R0 Crew (2 tasks), School CTF (SiBears, 1 task), and RuCTFE (1 task). It is worth noting that the HackQuest website was visited from ~ 3,000 unique IP addresses (during the week of tasks)!
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Good news: the Moscow CTF School 2016 team competition on information protection has finished conducted amongst schoolers of Moscow and Moscow Region on November 6th by the MSU Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Department and Bushwhackers team (Moscow State University). Like the year before, the initiative was fully supported by Digital Security and ZeroNights. The prize winnersMSHP SSL teams, The Elite Firm (1), Caesar salad (2), Mongolian Vowel Separator (3)are invited as guests of honor to 2016 ZeroNights to be held on November 17-18 in Moscow.

This year has been the first to allow participants from other cities to participate in Moscow CTF School remotely, and a special scoreboard was opened specifically for them. This has allowed teams from across the countryfrom St Petersburg to Komsomolsk-on-Amur take part in the Moscow CTF School 2016!

While 80 teams participated in the competition last year, this year hosted 88. See the list of winners here.

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We know this happens: you liked a speaker’s theme but still have something questions unanswered. You did not have time to ask them or just hesitated a bitand the speaker leaves. Still, you want your answers.

This time we provide our guests with the possibility to communicate closer with the speakers of the main program: we’ve arranged for a SPEAKER’S MEETING POINT, a cozy place to comfortably communicate with Track1 and Track2 speakers of the ZeroNights conference.
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Colleagues, partners, friends, co-thinkers and all those intending to attend ZeroNights 2016! For us, ZN is the most cherished event of the year; we take long time to prepare thoroughly for it aiming to make each participant’s experience memorable and comfortable.

We treat badges with special awe since badge is not just a piece of material but a memorable souvenir. Many participants keep their badges for years and even collect them to remind of the coolest events and most memorable meetings.
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Attention! A task from our friends, the RuCTFE developer team, starts today at 8 p. m.(Moscow time), under the framework of ZeroNights HackQuest! 24 hours to crack it. The first to solve it does not only get an invite to ZeroNights but also souvenirs from the RuCTFE organizers.
Our partners invite you to the RuCTFE 2016 event, which starts on November 12 at 10 a. m. UTC and will last for 9 hours.
We encourage you to register for RuCTF 2016, solve tasks, and prepare for a big game!

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