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It’s ZeroNights, it’s hack o’clock!


The ZeroNights committee has completed the conference contest program. This year, out guests will have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves and get valuable prizes from our partners.


Firstly, there will be two smashing CTF (Capture The Flag) cyber battles at 2016 ZeroNights: Qiwi-Infosec CTF-2016 and BI.ZONE CTF. The tasks have been prepared be renowned information security teams.

Under the Qiwi-Infosec CTF-2016, he QIWI Group and InfoSec will raffle off 250 thousand rubles. This will be one of the largest Jeopardy-style CTF-contests in Russia. The prize pool for the first three places is RUB 150 thousand, RUB 75 thousand, and RUB 25 thousand, respectively. To win the tournament you need to score maximum points by completing tasks in the Reverse/PWN/Web/Crypto/Misc categories. Read the rules and register here.

BI.ZONE will also hold a CTF with large cash prizes. The contests will involve Jeopardy-based individual participation.
Cash prizes for top-5 participants will amount to: Top-1: RUB 150,000; Top-2: RUB 75,000; Top-3: RUB 25,000; Top-4: RUB 15,000; and Top-5: RUB 10,000.Apart from cash prizes, our participants will compete for others prizes granted for individual achievements in the contest. Moreover, prizes will be given to the first 10 onsite participants scoring most points.
Read the rules and register here.

Mail.Ru Group Contest on Hacking the Internet of Things

Mail.RuGroup will invite ZeroNights participants to try their hand in hacking the Internet of Things. The task has been prepared with the direct participation of the DIY-community. You will learn all the details right at the stand (so that you have no chance to prepare in advance and make it a boring event). Two winners will take away IoT equipment sets. Go for it! You can also participate in an Internet security quiz to compete for gyroscooters.

Automotive Village

CarPWN team will for the first time in the ZN history present the Automotive Village Section, which will introduce you to the basics of automotive security, including self-driving car, connected-car; here, you will be able to discuss the reverse engineering ECU and QNX security issues. Awaiting for you is also a practical contest with real hardware and prizes! And even more to come: apart from the stands you will see a modern car which you will be able to “examine with your own hands”.

Hack hardware — be hardcore!

Hardware Village Team invites you to come over to their stand at the Lounge Community, which will host a series of workshops, seminars and hardware tricks. If you long for hardcore, you will get a chance to assemble a hacker device right at the spot! And we will certainly provide you with a possibility to test this device in action. The HWV stand will also conduct a special contest for hacking wireless networks. Potential attendees must be sure to bring along an SDR-receiver.

Our partners, Advanced Monitoring and Kaspersky Lab, will also give a buzz with their fun information security activities at the conference. You will have a lot of opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge in this field and get rewarded.