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SPEAKER’S MEETING POINT: a good reason to meet up!


We know this happens: you liked a speaker’s theme but still have something questions unanswered. You did not have time to ask them or just hesitated a bitand the speaker leaves. Still, you want your answers.

This time we provide our guests with the possibility to communicate closer with the speakers of the main program: we’ve arranged for a SPEAKER’S MEETING POINT, a cozy place to comfortably communicate with Track1 and Track2 speakers of the ZeroNights conference.

Each speaker will be there at the meeting point for 15-20 minutes after their speech: do come over to get to know them better, discuss what you are interested in, ask your questions, crack jokes and so on at the Yandex Lounge. See the location of the SPEAKER’S MEETING POINT on the maps, and meet the speakers there after their speeches.
The speakers of Workshop1 and Workshop2 hall will be available for Q&A sessions after their presentations at their halls or Community Lounge. At the Community Lounge, you will also be able to meet and talk more closely with the members of various practical information security communities, who have partnered with ZeroNights this year: r0, Hardware Village, Automotive Village, RuCTFE, CTF Russia, Defcon Russia, DEF CON Kazakhstan, rdot, VolgaCTF, OWASP, etc.