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Colleagues, partners, friends, co-thinkers and all those intending to attend ZeroNights 2016! For us, ZN is the most cherished event of the year; we take long time to prepare thoroughly for it aiming to make each participant’s experience memorable and comfortable.

We treat badges with special awe since badge is not just a piece of material but a memorable souvenir. Many participants keep their badges for years and even collect them to remind of the coolest events and most memorable meetings.

This time we have prepared six types of badges for our guests: Participant, Partner, Media, Crew, Organizer, and Speaker. You can see the last year badge design on the left. Moreover, we will offer special hardcore badges—metallic, in an author design, with microchips and useful load. You can see them on the right; they are intended for the speakers, ZN contest winners and distinguished guests.

We appreciate your sincere interest in and support to the conference, and will therefore try to ensure the safety of our guests and protect badges from counterfeiting. We kindly ask you to treat your badges with special care. You will receive them after registering and buying your ticket on our website or through a special invite from our organizers. Please, keep your badge until the end of the event and abstain from passing it on to other people to come to the Conference. There will be dynamic and static badge controls installed at the entrance, halls and within the entire territory. Just like before, we respect your anonymity and understand you need to use a nickname on your badge instead of your real name.