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November 17-18


Sixth annual cybersecurity conference

ZeroNights – is an international conference, devoted to practical aspects of cybersecurity.


ZeroNights is a perfect place to discuss new attack methods and threats. It shows ways to attack and defend to its guests, and suggests unorthodox approach to cybersecurity problems solving.

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Wallarm is a new partner of ZeroNights 2016!

Hi everyone! Some more great news to share with you! Wallarm has for the first time become our partner. It is cool specifically because we have been knowing these guys for ages, and could more than once see their competence and deep technical knowledge. Together we are stong!

It’s nice to know that our friends from Wallarm will present some awesome technical content in the main part of the conference. They intend on taking an active part in the community’s life at the conference’s floor and beyond.
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Published 18/October/2016 | Category News

AFK Sistema is a new partner of ZeroNights 2016!

Well, guys, this has never happened to us before… AFK Sistema has partnered with ZeroNights 2016. The Russian publicly-traded financial corporation needs no introductions. Sistema has been supporting companies from various economic sectors for more than a decade. It is not without a reason that the corporation got interested in Russia’s major cybersecurity event. We appreciate the support of such a large and affluent company, and will do our best to justify the confidence invested in us.
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Published 18/October/2016 | Category News

Reports of the ZeroNights 2016 Main Program: Do Understand the Vulnerabilities and Attack!

Dear Friends, we continue to introduce new reports and speakers of the ZeroNights 2016 Main Program. Let`s get started now!

1. Ivan Novikov (Russia, on the photo) will talk about Hacking ElasticSearch.This speech will be about a popular data indexation and search engine called ElasticSearch. Here, we will discuss security issues of the entire technological stack for including this technology into modern wed-apps. We will provide data retrospect of all detected vulnerabilities and make assumptions about the next potential problems. We will talk about new vulnerabilities and practical methods of its exploit.
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Published 18/October/2016 | Category News

Without Further Ado: FastTrack Reports

Clear, concise, to the point and with zest—this is what this slot is about. Each presenter will describe their tool, solution, and interesting projects they are working on in a 15-minute Security StanUp Show (humor is much appreciated).

We have already presented the great neuro-hacker Ksenia Gnitko. Ahead, we will be introducing other heroes of this lively slot.
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Published 17/October/2016 | Category News

Defensive Track reports Part 1

We have already built a pool of smashing reports for the Defensive Track section, and today we announce the first part of presentations. Please, remember that the main trick of this slot is that we share hand-on experience and describe practical work from the source. It is not about “how ti implement a product”, but about “how to make sure that everything runs smooth with no extra efforts.” This is the content “from hackers and for hackers.” And, most importantly, it is for those who need results and experience rather than advertising.
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Published 11/October/2016 | Category News

Date and place


November 17-18


Moscow, Mira pr., 150, "Cosmos"

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